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4A Von Tempsky St.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Welcome to New Start NZ – Immigration Advisers

November 28, 2021

4A Von Tempsky St.

Hamilton, New Zealand

About Us

All adventures begin with the first step but the journey can be quite directionless without a roadmap. If you have your eyes set on New Zealand and are looking to bring your family or even your business here, we offer professional plans for a successful migration.

Nestled in the heart of picturesque New Zealand, we are a boutique immigration advisory firm based in Hamilton. With over 20 years of experience in dealing with a diverse range of clients from around the world and having seen the struggles of migrants first-hand, at New Start NZ we can assure you of sound immigration advice and services best suited to your needs.

New Zealand offers a world of opportunities for migrants but working your way through the immigration application process can be challenging. We understand what it takes to make a successful visa application.

Our services are backed with an extensive knowledge of the latest immigration policies and pathways as well as an in-depth understanding of local governance and cultural nuances. Steering the team at New Start NZ are Gurpreet and Vaninder Bassan, both of whom are licensed immigration advisers.

Recognised as finalists and winners at the New Zealand Association of Migrations Immigration awards in the ‘Community Outreach’ category for their contributions towards migrant communities across New Zealand, the team prides over an extensive network spread across New Zealand’s educational institutions, community groups, and specialist legal and business advisory firms.

Our Expert Team

Our immigration experts work closely with all our clients to take the guesswork out of the visa application process, and to assist them in building a case to supplement and clarify their application to Immigration New Zealand and all related authorities. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Vaninder Bassan

Licence Number 201200367
Tel: +64 21 168 8299

Preeti Minhas

Licensed Adviser
Licence Number 20200377
Tel: +64 27 240 2207

Sarah Swan

Licensed Adviser
Licence Number 202000437
Tel: +64 27 223 9002

Gurpreet Bassan

Licence Number 20090100
Tel: +64 21 989 391