Increasingly over the years, companies have been successfully working with migrants from across the world. If you are an employer looking to recruit migrants, based either overseas or in New Zealand, we can offer you comprehensive support and guidance. There are many areas that employers need to consider when it comes to bringing migrant workers on board. We provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Visa applications
  • Employer accreditation applications
  • Approval in principle applications
  • Appeals and visa road blocks
  • Business health checks
  • Work to residence visas
  • Settlement support

Recruiting foreign workers requires employers to fulfil many legal and job specific obligations. They also need to meet different requirements depending on; how many foreign workers they employ, whether those workers are temporary or placed in permanent positions, what types of positions they hold and how much they earn, to list a few. The requirements and procedures surrounding visas are constantly changing and that can be challenging for employers. The team at New Start specialises in this and will help you put together a successful application.

In the new set of policies listed by the New Zealand government, employers need to be accredited to be able to recruit migrant workers. We offer complete guidance and support in your application to be an Accredited Employer.

You may want to bring an employee or contractor in from overseas to come to New Zealand for a specific purpose or event. Among those who can apply for this visa, include business people on secondments, sports players, professional coaches, specialist installers etc.