Visas for Accredited Employer in NZ

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) is a new temporary work visa that will replace the Essential Skills Work Visa, Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa, and a number of other work visa categories, This new process will become compulsory for all employers wishing to employ migrant staff from 4 July 2022; New Start NZ are here to assist you as an employer through the process.

All employers who wish to hire migrants on an AEWV will need to be accredited employers in New Zealand.  This will be a 3 step process as follows:-


1- Employer to submit an application to Immigration New Zealand to become an accredited employer in New Zealand.

2- Employer to submit a ‘job check” to Immigration New Zealand for the role they wish to employ migrant staff.

3- Migrant to lodge an application for an Accredit Employer Work Visa. 

If you require migrant employees for your local business, you must become an accredited employer in New Zealand. This will enable you to employe migrant workers without the Labour Market Test. There are different types of accreditations depending on your business model, and the number of migrant workers you want to hire. The accreditation must be held by the direct employer named on the migrant worker’s employment agreement.

When you’re an accredited employer, you can:

  •   Employ overseas workers without the Labour Market Test.
  •   Support your employees in obtaining residency in New Zealand.
employee Accreditation

Accreditation Types

For standard business models, there are two different levels of accreditation, depending on how many migrants you want to employ.

  1. Standard — if you want to employ up to 5 migrant workers on AEWVs at any one time.
  2. High-volume — if you want to employ 6 or more migrant workers on AEWVs at any one time.

This only includes migrants on AEWVs. Migrants on other visa types (for example working holiday visas) are not counted toward the total.

For franchisees and employers wanting to place migrants on AEWVs with controlling third parties (including labour hire companies) there there are extra requirements you must meet.

What To Consider About Visas for Accredited Employer in New Zealand

Becoming an accredited employer in New Zealand is a complex process. It is a sensitive matter that comes with a range of legal mandates that businesses must follow. Here is where we can help with your application process.

What you must have:

What To Consider About Visas for Accredited Employer in New Zealand
  •   Financial Condition: There must be evidence related to annual reports, audited balance sheets, statements related to profit and loss, etc.
  •   Work Culture: Your organization must be complying with the current rules and guidelines of the industry.
  •   Training: You must prove that your company will provide local and migrant workers with the required training whenever possible.
  • You must hold a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN). Your NZBN links your business information with INZ’s application system.
  • Other conditions you must consider:
    •       You must be registered as an employer with Inland Revenue (IRD).
    •       Businesses operating for less than 12 months must provide evidence they are in a sound financial position. Most other employers will not need to provide evidence upfront.

    At New Start NZ, we are able to work with you to ensure you obtain all requirements to become an accredited employer. We can also help you in the accreditation renewal process.

Recruiting foreign workers requires employers to fulfil many legal and job specific obligations. They also need to meet different requirements depending on; how many foreign workers they employ, whether those workers are temporary or placed in permanent positions, what types of positions they hold and how much they earn, to list a few. The requirements and procedures surrounding visas are constantly changing and that can be challenging for employers. The team at New Start specialises in this and will help you put together a successful application.

In the new set of policies listed by the New Zealand government, employers need to be accredited to be able to recruit migrant workers. We offer complete guidance and support in your application to be an Accredited Employer.

You may want to bring an employee or contractor in from overseas to come to New Zealand for a specific purpose or event. Among those who can apply for this visa, include business people on secondments, sports players, professional coaches, specialist installers etc.