If you are looking to live or work in New Zealand on a temporary or permanent basis, and are also looking to bring your partner or family, there are multiple visas to choose from. It’s imperative that applicants are aware of the requirements set out by the government for visas. That is where we step in. Our experienced Advisers will help you every step of the way in obtaining temporary or long term visas

Individual & Family

There are many visa types catering to people who want to live and work permanently in New Zealand. We provide visa services for immigrants who have the required skills and qualifications. Understanding which visa type suits you and your family can be confusing. There are many residence visas available in New Zealand, with each of them focused on specific policy objectives and requirements. We are experienced in these options and can help you achieve optimal preparation for any application. Common categories that we assist clients with include; skilled migrant, partnership, entrepreneur, investment, and parent residence visa.

Your skills and experience could help make a valuable contribution in New Zealand. More recently, the New Zealand government has made several changes to New Zealand work visa rules and it’s important that you seek professional advice before starting out your application. A set of new rules by the government impact both employers and migrant workers including those holding a current work visa or applying for a new one. Staying abreast with the latest rules and regulations, the team at New Start NZ will be available to guide you through the process.

What most migrants are unfamiliar with is the fact that requirements for Work and Resident Visas are different. Getting a work visa does not mean that residence will follow. Applying for the work to new Zealand permanent residency visa can be complex and challenging. There are multiple pathways to this visa including:

  • Talent visas (Accredited Employer)
  • Long Term Skill Shortage Workers
  • Religious Worker visa
  • Global Impact visa

Applicants need to be aware that in order to be eligible for residence, they may have to complete or prove relevant work experience. They must complete required amount of work experience on any of the above work visas. They must meet health and character requirements as required by the government at the time of application.

Students who have studied in New Zealand and obtained a qualification may be eligible to obtain a post study work visa in New Zealand, which allows them to live and work in New Zealand. Recently, the New Zealand government has made changes to post work visa rules and it’s important that students seek professional advice before starting out their application. The duration of post-study work visa depends upon the level of your qualification and the location of the institute from where students have completed their course.

If you are overseas and looking to study full-time in New Zealand, you have to apply for a New Zealand student visa. Applicants must have an offer of placement in an approved course with a New Zealand education provider. This visa allows applicants to study full-time in New Zealand for the duration of their course. You may also be able to work while studying. We can offer applicants guidance on the process for a positive result.

New Zealand is one of the leading holiday destinations in the world. A visitor visa enables people to vacation in New Zealand, visit friends and family and play amateur sport. Visitor visa holders may also study while in New Zealand for no more than three months. Often applicants face rejection if they are first time applicants or have missed out on the important paperwork. The team at New Start NZ offer full guidance and support.

If you are looking to come to New Zealand for a specific purpose or event, then this visa is for you. To apply, you will need to have skills related to your specific purpose or event and be able to define the time you’ll need to complete your specific purpose or event. Among those who can apply for this visa, include business people on secondments, sports players, professional coaches, specialist installers to list a few.

Partners of New Zealand Residents/citizens and some temporary visa holders may also be eligible for a visa for temporary or residence visa based on their relationship. Immigration New Zealand needs to be satisfied the applicants are bona fides and that they have entered the relationship on a genuine, stable, and long-term basis.

This visa applies to those looking to bring their dependent child if they are under 24 years of age and rely on them for financial support. Children over the age of 24 may need to apply for a visa in their own right. There are many rules that apply and applicants can seek professional guidance to make sure the application is not rejected and they don’t face difficulties.