Making the decision to follow your dreams, especially when it means immigrating to a new country or applying to work there, can be challenging to say the least. It can be equally heart-breaking when not everything goes according to plan. Often immigrants who are either yet to make the transition to New Zealand or are already here, face complex situations that require professional and specialised assistance.

Having worked in the immigration sector for over three decades, the team at New Start NZ understands well the challenges and legal situations that immigrants face. Just as one would seek specialist advice for a complicated problem, the same holds true for immigration.

Over the years, we have specialised in cases that require in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of legalities to be able to achieve a positive outcome for our clients. This includes Ministerial appeals, Immigration Protection Tribunal cases to complaints to the Ombudsman and New Zealand Deportation cases as well. We also regularly handle character waivers and medical waivers.


The areas that we offer specialised support include:

  • IPT
  • Ministerial
  • Appeals – Humanitarian & Section 61
  • Complaints
  • Ombudsman
  • Citizenship
  • New Zealand Deportations

Key Approved IPT cases

Decision DateClientDecision
13 October 2020GK (Partnership) [2020]
NZIPT 205803
Decision Cancelled, Referred back (incorrect)(e)
8 October 2020GJ (Partnership) [2020]
NZIPT 205821
Referred to Minister (f)
5 October 2020MN (Skilled Migrant) [2020]
NZIPT 205741
Decision Cancelled, Referred back (incorrect) (e)
9 June 2020FC (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
30 October 2019CQ (Partnership)Referred to Minister (f)
15 November 2019CW (Partnership)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
17 October 2019KR (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
26 June 2019JA (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
13 March 2019ZG (Partnership)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
12 December 2018XO (Partnership)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
6 December 2018CN (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
29 November 2018BZ (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
27 June 2018VL (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
24 May 2016NZ (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (incorrect) (e)
18 September 2015MA (Partnership)Referred to Minister (f)
22 May 2013PN (Skilled Migrant) [2013]
NZIPT 200807
Decision Confirmed (a) - Precedent decision
Particular event
28 April 2011CE (Skilled Migrant)Decision cancelled, referred back (new info (d)